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About Us

A security partnership needs to be more than personnel resources. At Gambia Coastal Security Services, we partner with our customers to deliver value every day, our customers tell us that our quality-based, results-oriented approach sets us apart from the competition. What’s at the core of our success? It’s a blend of quality employee engagement programs, an industry-leading learning and development philosophy, and a dedication to understanding our customers and their business and customizing a security solution that will help them achieve their goals. All of this is supported and facilitated by state-of-the-art technology, as well as a management presence. Sound like the kind of approach you’re looking for?

Gambia Coastal Security advises organizations on developing and implementing an overall corporate security strategy. We are leaders in security and bodyguard Services

We are committed to providing security services for companies large and small, and to helping keep your people and property safe with a variety of affordable tools.

Integrated Guarding

True solutions create efficiency while saving both time and money.

Gambia Coastal Security Services understands the need to manage costs without compromising security. That’s why we’ve developed Integrated Guarding, a three-dimensional approach to security. This innovative solution combines On-site Guarding with Remote Guarding and Mobile Guarding to provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your security needs.

Integrated Guarding

Integrated Guarding combines three Guarding Services to provide comprehensive and efficient solutions.

  1. On-site – Highly trained security officers that specialize in person-to-person interaction,
  2. Remote – Technology that allows live monitoring and immediate action when needed.
  3. Mobile – Scheduled and/or random drive-through monitoring by highly trained security officers

After performing an Operational Analysis, Gambia Coastal Security Services will develop custom-tailored alternatives to cover your unique security Needs.

Why Integrated Guarding?

  • Cost efficiencies without compromising your security program
  • Flexibility with customized security solutions
  • Single provider for all your security services